Simplify Compliance.

Empower Your Team.

Optimize Resources. 

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One Powerful Platform

Finally there is a single comprehensive task-based platform to handle everything. Empower your entire team with integrated task-based management that supports single sign-on (SSO) technology. Ensure that what must get done, always gets done – before it’s too late. Simplify and empower with a single enterprise-wide solution.

Transparency, Accountability, Diligence

Let one slip and you are at risk. Terlumina is a patented intuitive SaaS solution designed to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Get back to basics: set clear expectations and transparently manage operations and compliance by efficiently coordinating both human and automated resources in real time. Ensure that what must get done, gets done – before it’s too late. Manage risk, optimize resources.

Integrated Task and Assessment Control

Endless regulations and best practices have resulted in too many specialized tools that are difficult to integrate and utilize effectively. Terlumina provides a single enterprise-wide platform to simplify compliance. Proactively monitor metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on tasks and assessments. Target identified risks, implement corrective actions, and objectively measure progress. Handle complexity with integrated control.

Operationalize Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are the foundation for effective risk and performance management. With Terlumina,  operationalize them by translating their content into step-by-step instructions that can be tracked to completion. Assess and evaluate risk and performance objectively in real-time to ensure operational alignment with both internal and external requirements. Operationalize with actionable tasks.

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